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Supreme Court Scratching Corporate Backs

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Please don’t let Dupont, ExxonMobile, and Monsanto buy our next President.


Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post wrote…

In opening the floodgates for corporate money in election campaigns, the Supreme Court did not simply engage in a brazen power grab. It did so in an opinion stunning in its intellectual dishonesty.

It was unnecessary for the court to go so far when there were several less-radical grounds available. It was audacious to seize the opportunity to overrule precedents when the parties had not pressed this issue and the lower courts had not considered it. It was the height of activism to usurp the judgments of Congress and state legislatures about how best to prevent corruption of the political process.

Nina Totenberg of NPR wrote…

“It will undoubtedly help Republican candidates since corporations have generally supported Republican candidates more.”

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech 2010

five members of the United States Supreme Court gave new meaning to the phrase “Money Talks”
While I was busy advocating for healthcare reform.  The supreme court decided campaign funding needed to be addressed in the immediate sense?   We get healthcare only if we can afford it and now we get free speech — only if we can afford it. We don’t need to be afraid of big government.  We need to fear this corporate takeover of American Democracy.


Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Did you know that Latvia has a Baltic Beach Party sponsored by Red Bull and Coca Cola?

„ZZ Baltic Beach Party” Ticket Prices Announced

I was embarrassed I didn’t know where Latvia was so I looked it up.  They are just like us here in the U.S. except they are a tiny country and they speak Latvian.  My friend said, ” didn’t Mork from Mork and Mindy come from Latvia?”

Well, anyway, I decided I wanted to learn about Latvia.  They, like us, are suffering a recession after years of grotesque prosperity. Corruption in their government has created a  health care industry that no one would use as a template.

The Soviets occupied the country after driving out the Nazi’s.  Latvia  regained independence in 1991.  14 governments in 16 years and now Ivars Godmanis has led a new four-party centre-right government since December 2007.

They have billionaires and ads for Mercedes SLS AMG,

they have brave women…

old lady, latvia 1

and they celebrate being rich and being beautiful.

Russian blondes in Riga 10

They have something called the Day of the Blonde in the city of Riga.  Rumor has it the first Christmas tree was decorated in Riga in the 1500’s.

They celebrate many days of independence from things that happened while under Soviet rule. Latvians don’t like to be called Russians –>different culture, different language so don’t do it. Their comments become foul and cruel and fists pound tables if you call them Russian or Soviet.  They are a proud new member of the EU and NATO and are working hard to straighten up their democracy and stay prosperous and free.

Old Russian radars in Latvia

Somewhere between Ventspils and Kolka cape in Latvia (ex-Soviet country) is located two radio telescopes (also known as “zvjozdachka” – the star), that in those days were one of most secret elements in soviet army. There are two antennas left – RT-32 (main dish is 32 meters in diameter) and RT-16 (16 meters). The smallest one – RT-10 – was taken away when soviet soldiers left Latvia in 90-ies. With those antennas Russian forces were able to spy phone calls everywhere they wanted. So what are they doing with these two now?

This guy had a pretty impressive collection of car photos, here is one of them and his comment…

cars in latvia 1

“I am from Latvia. Some people say, in Latvia is the biggest percent of
exclusive cars in northern Europe. I am a starting photodraph, and my biggest
passion is taking some nice shots of cars.
You can look at my latvian car
collection, and I hope you like it
and it will be great if you publish this photos right here, because people
think that Latvia is a very poor country.

Who knew?

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