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so I wished him well

Monday, April 4th, 2011

An email being passed around included a photo of a white man on a motorcycle  and his thoughts about being white, conservative, tax-paying, gun-owning, and patriotic.  He also states that America is for him and those like him and the rest of us need to shut up or leave.

I didn’t agree, told him so,  wished him well and went on to read another e-mail.  This one was from a friend who lives in the beautiful small town of Eureka Springs Arkansas.  They often celebrate pretty much anything with hugs and love.


See the guy with the Rebel Flag? He is protesting the diversity weekend observed  in Eureka Springs, Arkansas three or four times per year. Some attendees are gay and this guy thinks gays are against God’s rules and rebel rules and the north should never have infiltrated the south. The folks with the cardboard signs are countering his protest. Not sure really what his message is but he is allowed to peacefully sit among the happy hugging and sign carrying revelers to present it.   No one is telling him he needs to go live somewhere else.  Although a few kids were creeped out when he “pet them”.

Many conversations involving politics in America end with someone telling someone to go live in a different country; which is an unacceptable response for one American to propose to another American. Loving this country involves a respect for what our founding fathers created and the subsequent Amendments that uphold their ideals. Our freedoms are for all people of all ethnic backgrounds and religions, including but not limited to Christian white men.

When people disagree with your love of the planet and each other–> wish them well and go on your way.

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