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Limited Government

Thursday, February 16th, 2012


What is the role of government in a “Limited Government”?

– It is NOT government’s job to route taxpayer money back to taxpayers to help educate them so they can improve the economy, increase their incomes and pay more taxes.

– It IS government’s job to take taxpayer money and redistribute it to subsidize global corporations that operate in an extremely profitable industry.



Why is this?

– College students holding down two jobs DO NOT make large campaign contributions to congressmen.

– Lobbyists for big oil DO make large campaign contributions to congressmen.




What advice do our congressmen have for us?

– If you’re a college student with two jobs, get a third.

– If you’re an oil company, plan to spend about half of your government subsidy on campaign contributions in order to keep the pump primed.

– The rest of us should remember that, as with any job in the service industry, the more money you give your congressman the better service you will receive.


Non Sequitur


Thank you for reading. Your lesson in “Limited Government” now concludes.


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