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Finding Harmony

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

What comes to mind when you hear the term “finding harmony”?  Maybe a movie, a book, or information on business savvy.  The dictionary defines harmony with terms like congruity and peace and conformity.  Conformity? — wow?! — The ideals behind being a conformist are mostly derogatory.  Words like sheep, follower, and herd come to mind.  People who get things done do not conform — or do they?


Being a conformist is likened to submission and acquiescence.  Neither are written in any book about business or getting ahead in a corporate world.  Yet it is required.  It is required to get to work when we follow the rules of the road. Imagine the harrowing experience involved in no rules, no lights, no signs, no yielding to rights of way?  When you get to work aren’t you very very glad thought bubbles aren’t real?  Searching through our thoughts and revealing the right ones comes from absorbing intelligence and etiquette.

How can we embrace Harmony when it is related to terms that convey weakness.  Harmony is not weakness it is acceptance of things not known and of horizons not voyaged.  It is about making friends out of strangers and finding good will and cooperation from those with contrasting views.

Go through an entire day refusing disagreement.  Just refuse to disagree.  You’ll find you keep lots of words in your head and you’ll start to be an example of what is right.  That is Harmony, and it can be created.



Anger and vengeance and violence are exceedingly easy to access and almost effortlessly unleashed.

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we all see that the ultimate goal is harmony; we all need to start by seeing every person as fully human, deserving every day to make it home to the people they love.


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all of us have been misunderstood at some point or another.  If we stay kind and authentic and always speak the truth, harmony will prevail. 




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