What are they fighting for?

what we can be










“through the cold and dark of the North Dakota winter, with ongoing injuries and arrests, it became obvious how difficult, dangerous, and uncertain it can be to speak truth to power. 

 In the last weeks of President Obama’s term, he protected ancient spiritual places and magnificent scenery in southern Nevada as the nearly-300,000-acre Gold Butte National Monument. He did the same for 1.35 million acres in southern Utah, now the Bear Ears National Monument.  State and congressional officials have said they will fight (Our congresspeople are fighting us) both monument designations.” 

We have original Americans fighting immigrant Americans over what is sacred and what can be abused. 

So lets pay attention to this new, crazy US President they wanted because of his promise to bring back jobs.  His “Make America Great Again” chant.  It was his own words that he stated  “…Whadya think our country’s so innocent”.

Take a look at this actual photo of Venice California in 1953… 

what we have been









Tell me if you want to go back.  Frankly, I’d rather go forward. 

Lets start by helping and getting behind the North Dakota #nodapl cause.  Read on…

Stephanie Woodard of the Indian Country Today Media Network,  In These Times, and The Native American Journalists Association


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