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Rush to judgement

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Ronald Reagan quoted movies and he loved his wife.  GOP/ Religious right folks love quotes and the appearance of monogamy.  No one really cares if you love your wife or if you are faithful.  Many men who say grace before dinner have or at least intend to have sex with a women who is not their wife.












Women are sluts if they have sex and don’t intend to have children.  I guess we should just get used to the word because almost every woman I know has used birth control in order to have sex without the desire to have children.  I’m so grateful to live in modern times.  Women can give birth without intense pain thanks to epidurals.  Women can decide not to get pregnant by taking birth control.  What a wonderful world!  I’m guessing most men agree.


















It is disingenuously misleading for the Catholic Exchange to claim that Obama’s Healthcare package mandates birth control for all women.  What it does state is that all insurance companies and employers need to allow birth control for women who want it.  This is “Huge Caroline”.












A huge difference that is.  The GOP is so opposed to our president they are shooting themselves in the foot with this one.

If the catholic church or any church for that matter wants to instill the doctrine of the church within the laws of the United States, doesn’t that go against the constitution?  Shouldn’t they pay taxes if they are so involved in healthcare law and its policies?  Isn’t the provision of birth control for women who want it a good thing for America?

I wonder if Nancy used birth control?


Monday, January 16th, 2012

—————————————————————————————————————————————————— The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)  passed through both houses and was recently signed by President Obama. The Act allots $662 billion, “for the defense of the United States.”  This defense involves military health care costs, counter-terrorism, military modernization, as well as establishing economic sanctions against Iran and refocusing the strategic goals of NATO towards energy security. The part that is being hotly opposed is the counter-terrorism part and it’s detainee laws.


tumblr_lnhjmdFcl21qz9bu3o1_500.jpg (war,videogame,jon stewart)

The entire Bill can be read if you copy and paste the link below.  Careful, there is also some really graphic stuff about sexual misconduct.  Scroll down to sections 1031 and 1032 to read specifically about the new detainee information.

The military is required, through the passing of this law, to detain those thought to be tied with al Qaeda.  “ For foreign nationals accused of being members of Al Qaeda, military detention is mandatory; for U.S. citizens, it is optional. This section does not exempt U.S citizens from the presidential power of military detention: only from the requirement of military detention.”

The death of Anwar al-Awlaki involved a decision made by President Obama to kill an American citizen without a trial.  There was much discussion about the legal aspects of killing an American citizen accused of being an al Qaeda operative.   Doctrines and previous supreme court judgements deemed it permissable to kill him if capturing him was not feasible.  Another American named Sam Khan was also killed but was not targeted.  He was “collateral damage”.  Mr Khan’s family is petitioning a law suit.   Awlaki and Khan were killed by a missile strike in Yemen.  The Yemeni government secretly gave permission to the United States military to do so.  This secret permission was revealed by wikileaks. 

obama-ali.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x398 pixels)

So there are sound reasons congress and the President might seek the ability to detain, capture or kill persons tied with al Qaeda.  They would like to be able to stop people like Awlaki before the bomb gets on the flight to Detroit or the car bomb is discovered in a SUV in Times Square.  They would like to be able to detain people like Awlaki who are plotting, but are currently protected by the rights of being an American. They want to take these people out before they take more innocent lives.  This is a good thing eh?

The concern is that this ability will be abused.  Where will the definition of al Qaeda activity begin and end?  If I wrote a book or a magazine highlighting stories about people who enjoy Taliban rule would I be considered an al Qaeda loyalist and therefore a terrorist?  Would I be an enemy of the state if I wrote such a story?  Does anyone enjoy the Taliban’s rules? –> why?   My sitting here in my American home writing my free American thoughts, could I be deemed supporting terrorism?  Could I be detained? 


This is the concern of many Americans.  Does this new law take it too far?  The President should be concerned about taking a life especially an American life without first considering whether the information he’s been given is factual and not just hateful.  Awlaki probably needed to be dead and I think the President made a good decision as did the Yemeni government in assisting that decision.  Maybe the Yemeni government wanted him dead, maybe the arms dealers wanted him dead, maybe the oil barons wanted him dead?

If  we let the dirty deeds of the bad guys destroy our free American life then the bad guys win.


back to main street

Monday, September 13th, 2010

So what happened to President Obama?


I knew we weren’t going to get much out of him re: the environment, it wasn’t high on his agenda.  I didn’t like his plan to expand oil drilling but I liked him getting our troops out of Iraq and providing health care.  I didn’t think he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, but, I do like that the rest of the world seems to have a better view of us, because of him.  I guess when you get placed too high on a pedestal you fall hard and fast.  What has he done, or not done to make you so angry?

People who support our cool, private and formal President are up against a loud unified “tea-party”  Conservatives vs Liberals — one accusing the other of not staying on top of the facts. I’m glad our Liberal forefathers fought for our National Parks System, Medicare, Federal Highways, banning nuclear testing,  clean air and water, public schools, religious freedom, and being able to sit anywhere on the bus we want regardless of our skin color.  I am very grateful they stood up and fought the hard fight to provide these wonderful American ways of life for us.

Who were they fighting?  Who didn’t want these things?  Most people simply hate and fear the unknown.  There is no evil motivation. If you show them a plan for a better way they fight it, dealing with what they know is easier then figuring out a better way.   That thinking was manipulated by the powerful money handlers who were profiting from the unregulated timber industry or cheap child labor in factories.  Factory owners lobbied against mandatory education and the timber industry didn’t want National Parks.

Just like now, Corporate interests don’t want public healthcare available to all Americans and have convinced many Americans that the government is going to kill grandma and infiltrate their personal lives with this crazy healthcare for all scheme.  If healthcare was to become available to all Americans then  some  innovative Americans would go out and open a small business not needing corporate insurance benefits anymore. They don’t want that.

What did out conservative forefathers achieve for us?

Ronald Reagan played a big part in the USSR breaking apart and losing it’s power.  George HW Bush had a short successful war.  Nixon brought our troops home from Vietnam and re-opened trade with China — some may say China trade wasn’t such a good thing, because before that we made our own toasters and jeans.   Conservatives are pro-life and Christian.  They don’t like government intervention, they prefer corporate rule.  They refer to Liberals as elitists, I’m not sure where that came from.

As for me, I was raised in a Republican, military, Methodist, household.  My father hated “All in the Family” and he loved Nixon.  I remember sadness and tears in my household when Nixon resigned.  He said the presidency always involves covert happenings that the public has no business knowing.  In my mind, that, is big government and from that time on I silently went my own direction to find truths.  Nixon was big government and I think we should be much more afraid of his kind than of Obama.

Conservatives don’t like “Obamanomics” stimulus and infrastructure and all Americans having health insurance;  too costly. I say we need to work together to get jobs back in America.  Small business needs to prosper.  Corporate growth needs to stop being the impetus.  “Improving stockholder profits” needs to stop being our battle cry.  Americans need to move back into main street and open their hardware stores and butcher shops and make glassware in their small factories on the edge of town.  Stop hating and start coming up with solutions.  Yelling, table pounding, hate-filled accusations are  just counter productive exchanges of air

Stuff made in China is cheaper than American made stuff (for the most part) because the Chinese have little kids making it.  They don’t have rules.  No 40 hour work week with overtime.  No  clean air and water rules,  their factories pollute at will.  They don’t have a strong liberal front fighting for them.

We need to change our buying habits away from Target and Wal-Mart (unless they start stocking the shelves with American made products) and go back to main street.  Obama didn’t create this mess, I’m not sure he is doing everything right to fix it, but, I am sure it can’t be fixed without our participation.

“never talk politics at the dinner table”

Sunday, July 4th, 2010
fight nothingness

 These were not terrible people. They were normal people. They closed their eyes to evil or justified it, for the sake of peace or gain or national loyalty. I sometimes wonder (and fear) whether I would have done the same if I had been in that society at that time. It is so easy not to see, not to hear, not to understand, when one’s own peace or prosperity is involved. There have been times, after all, when I have allowed blatantly racist statements to pass unchallenged in the name of good manners, or of just keeping the peace. For so little of one’s soul, or at least a little piece of it, is on the auction block.”

The Reverend Kathleen Damewood Korb

Mr Trump has made mephistophelian bargains for power and fame using fear and greed as his catalyst.  His unfounded claims are believed and it is becoming impossible to sit idly by or “close my eyes for the sake of peace”.  Family dinners can be one of those places.  I am afraid to talk to people who like Trump.  Trump wants it that way.  He spreads animosity and values intolerance.  He incites violence and hate.  I find him to be a horrible person.  I believe a person who values what Trump values might run me off the road in traffic because of my Hillary sticker (or shoot me in the head). 

I’ll take that chance.  I’m an American and if I can’t

loving us more

My mothers rule,”Never talk politics or religion at the dinner table.”  Adhering to that rule makes for a peaceful dinner especially among friends and family with differing political values.  Once the plates are cleared and the wine and chocolates or coffee and cheesecake starts a few fists have pounded the table. There are times when we need to discuss and debate, to provide the other side of a point. Informing ourselves, sharing what we’ve learned removes animosity and hatred and misunderstanding.  Treat it like a caucus.  Not talking at all, not sharing likes and dislikes is only useful for augmenting paranoia. 

It is always important to challenge hate; challenge it’s source and find it’s solution. When you don’t like the way things are, there is always a chance for a different outcome.  Our conversations will look at all sides and possible outcomes when there are diverse views in mix.  Most often it boils down to are we better off doing nothing vs doing things differently? Health care reform is one of those issues are we better to put things back the way the were, leave things the way they are, or, work together to form a better health care system that serves everyone.

When fists are pounding or all capital letters are being typed, chances are a point is being made.  If you can speak about what you care about, to a person you disagree with, without denigrating or insulting them; then you may actually be heard.   The point of a conversation should be to liberate us from hate.  Hitler became powerful by making people afraid to speak.  Swiss Bankers and The Roman Catholic church included.


problem or solution
this point needs to be made one more time…
It is so easy not to see, not to hear, not to understand, when one’s own peace or prosperity is involved.


empty seats in the senate

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

pure joy

There is evidence that a student of Aristotle noticed and documented how human activities disrupted the climate back in 300 BC. Now, I’m not sure how anyone is sure about what was said in 300 BC, but, I am sure that my fifth grade teacher taught us (many years ago) how human activity disrupts the climate.

I wasn’t a student as long ago as Aristotle, but, science has recognized and studied the problem for long enough. My weekly reader explained the effects burning coal and petroleum has on the atmosphere. I was apparently dismayed by this information because I remember it vividly. I remember feeling worried.

In 1965 U.S. President Lyndon Johnson told Congress: “This generation has altered the composition of the atmosphere on a global scale through…a steady increase in carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels.”

We know that this planet is pretty small as far as planets go and extremely unique as far as being inhabitable. Since we know good planets are hard to find, you would think the world would find that taking care of this one is much more important than pretty much anything else. Why then would senators boycott a meeting designed to protect the climate of our planet.

We heeded the advice of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher after she explained to the United Nations: “The problem of global climate change is one that affects us all and action will only be effective if it is taken at the international level. It is no good squabbling over who is responsible or who should pay;” The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was created in 1995.   They concluded that humans are causing global warming, saying: “the balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate.”

The world is finally deciding we need to do something and our senators are boycotting meetings. Why!!

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee tried to overcome a Republican boycott of a major climate bill. Only one Republican senator even showed up for the meeting, and he stayed just long enough to ask for a five-week delay and more study. (I won’t go as far back as Aristotle, but, it’s been studied) Senator Bernie Sanders lamented the obstruction tactics by what he called “the party of no.” The stalling strategy has so far blocked action on critical issues ranging from health care to global warming. The country, Sanders added, has gone from electing a new president one year ago whose uplifting promise was “yes we can” to the spectacle of a small but stubborn rump group of senators whose motto is “no we won’t.”

So in 2009 our President, along with the other – Group of Eight leaders agreed industrialized nations should cut emissions on average by 80 percent by 2050 and limit warming to a maximum of 2 Celsius above pre-industrial times. The 8 leaders went home to their various congresses and parliaments so we could get it together for our unique planet.

to do list

Our senators are so busy disliking our President that they are forgetting what their job is. I guess the citizens who vote for these senators are so busy disliking our President that they are ignoring scientific facts. I just want to jab my eyes out when I read about crap like this! What would happen to you or me if we didn’t go to work because we didn’t like our boss.  Come to think of it the American public is their boss and we should be outraged.

What page are they on?

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

It has been about a month since I originally posted Hospitals are not factories.  I wanted to add a post I read from The Weekly Updates.

…we have all of the NEGATIVE effects of “socialized” health care without actually having equal health care for all. Arguments against socialized health care, include the people not wanting the few to pay for the masses. But that is exactly what’s happening here.

I work 2 jobs, pay my taxes, barely make enough to keep a roof over my head and food on the plates of my family, do not get such luxuries. An ER visit typically runs me $2,000+, which I must pay or else what’s left of credit will disappear. I cannot afford health care, and with the economy today, my employers do not offer me any benefits as they won’t let me work full-time. This HAS to change.

This is an example of a hardworking American taxpayer who is having to go without, due to the current healthcare system.  Not to repeat myself, but, it isn’t a system.  It is a big pile of crap and when you stir up crap you realize how much it stinks.

Now — Let me share with you this exchange I had recently with a young man I know.  He is usually witty and makes funky videos so I sent him Barack Obama’s video challenge.  His response and that of his friend throws off the hope for change.  These boys are in college, so, don’t think they are uneducated knobs.

Also, Whenever you try to talk reasonably about healthcare reform it is easy to find the opposition–>they are the ones  pounding their fists on the table or resorting to foulness.

A panel of celebrity judges will review your videos and choose their favorites. Then the public will vote, and we’ll run the winning ad on national television. Millions of people will see the final videos and your message could help push reform over the top.

Yes please expand the government so I can lose even more freedom.
September 27 at 3:17am
hmm. while those celebrity judges are busy smelling their own asses and picking their favorite sob story maybe i should make an advertisement full of the real people who want universal health care… not the ones hand picked by the people selling this bullshit to us.

If you are attending a university or college then you are involved in government funded education. What freedom is healthcare reform going to take from you?
September 28 at 12:16pm
Great idea, let’s make a video of a bunch of people who are really lazy and don’t want to have to work hard for their healthcare.  My parents and I were taxed to support this school, if taxes would have been lowered I’m sure I could have afforded to go to a better university.
September 29 at 3:18pm
not everyone who gets sick is lazy.
September 29 at 3:58pm
Im simply saying that personally I’ve noticed that people in favor of universal health care are largely behind it for personal gain when they could be acting in the best interest of our country. I don’t think that all sick people are lazy. But i do believe that many illnesses (not all) are a result of the behavior one engages in. smoking causes lung cancer. Failure to wear a seat belt can cause an injury. Drinking to excess and walking down stairs may lead to broken bones. These are reasons why some people need insurance in the first place and I don’t think that our society as a whole should be forced to pay for the mistakes of a few. It doesn’t seem progressive to me. More like a ball and chain.
September 29 at 9:18pm
I know a good man, self employed, no insurance, who drinks plenty of water and lives a good life providing for his family he had a massive stroke. I know a boy, who worked hard. who lived a good life and got knocked off his motorcycle on a freeway on the way home from work –>brain injury. I know a waitress, single, works three jobs, got a kidney stone requiring surgery –>debilitated her finances. All of us can have anything happen at anytime. It is the brothers keeper thing — not personal gain
September 29 at 9:33pm
Everyone get’s sick, but I don’t care if they die or not, (What?!) have you ever tried anal sex? (What?! again) Because people who smoke, eat fast foods, have buttsecks, and live otherwise dangerous lifestyles are going to benefit from this plan more than me. All I know is that socialized medicine bankrupts every country or state that enacts it.  (our country is so financially stable with our current healthcare eh?)
September 29 at 11:14pm

Ok I’ll go away now
September 30 at 7:57am
It’s good to discuss these things when we’re all on the same page.
September 30 at 7:54pm
Just an example of the oppositions mind.  I wasn’t sure how to contest any further. By the way, How do you get in to college without knowing how to spell buttsex?  And, what page are they on?

the health business

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