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1% vs 99%

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Wouldn’t it be better if the TV and radio personalities would talk  about facts rather than presuming fault?

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Wouldn’t it be better if we stopped listening to the loud whiners?  Shut them off, change the station;  too busy admiring people who are discovering and inventing stuff.

The desire to classify ourselves is human nature.  Humans are influenced by each other to impose group boundaries.  For instance the 1% versus the 99%.  The 99% is vast,  not cozy;  whereas the 1% are in bed together cuddling and clinging.  Here are some pretty interesting things being done by members of both groups .

Inventor Shawn Frayne has come up with a device that harnesses the power of wind without any rotating parts. Instead, his company’s Windbelts capture energy using fluttering fabric. Air passes over a taut membrane, it induces a vibration, somewhat akin to a violin bow.   Magnets mounted on the membrane bounce back and forth between metal coils, inducing an electric current.

What makes this so way cool is that it can be put on fences in urban areas and it can be palm sized or room sized and the materials it is made from are all available right here in the good ole USA.





Richard Branson has started a “Carbon War Room”.  Does he qualifiy as part of the 1%?    He has an influence on them.  He concerns himself with the future of the planet and makes money doing it.  His latest venture is opening a shop  near the White House for Venture Capitalists to hang out and find investment solutions.  International corporations like Maersk, the global tanker operator, 3M,   and General Electric Co., the major U.S. maker of gas turbines, windmills and appliances;  find there is money to be made and profits enhanced by cutting noxious pollutants and carbon dioxide emissions.



Pegasus Global Holdings Announces Plans to Develop World’s Largest Tech Testing and Evaluation Center

Pegasus Global Holdings bought a town in New Mexico.   They needed a place to create and test green technology innovations.  How cool is that?  Is this the enemy doing cool things with their money?   Pegasus Global Holdings is actually one of those big scary conglomerates making billions from war tools and satellites; which qualifies them as a member of the 1%.  Perhaps refocusing their moneymaking prowess on technologies that have an end result of a healthier, cleaner, and subsequently happier planet is a good thing  —  even if their motivation isn’t benevolent grace.


A.I.M. Interview: Algenol’s CEO Paul Woods

Paul Woods is a hero.   He has a biorefinery  in Lee County, Florida.  It will consume almost two dry tons per day of carbon dioxide obtained from industrial sources, and will produce 100,000 gallons of fuel-grade ethanol per year.  Whats not to love about that.  He is an innovative scientist and has become pretty wealthy by being smart and steadfast, he is one of  the 99%.



That’s my money belt

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Some folks work hard and are poor anyway, not indigent, but, damn close and if any kind of physical anomaly befalls them they quickly become indigent.   Some of these people are alcoholics or drug abusers and some are just unlucky.

A dumptruck driver with a swollen ankle, went to a local free clinic and was given a prescription to get an x-ray and have an orthopedic surgeon look at it at the county hospital ER.  He had no way of getting to the hospital to get this done.  His ankle was swollen, broken or sprained; couldn’t drive his dumptruck, and he had no insurance.  He was that dreaded self-pay that never pays and is therefore turned away in non-emergent situations.  He became a resident of the Salvation Army house.   Orthopedic surgeons don’t fix people who don’t have insurance unless they have a lot of cash up front.  Free clinics can only do so much.

What are the essential requirements of an American life? Food, shelter, clothing, clean water, good health and an education.   Some of us think that access to health care is as essential as access to clean drinking water.  Some do not.













Those who are opposed to the Affordable Care Act which is a big step in providing health care to a wider range of Americans  seem to be concerned about the cost to them personally. “The more money we make the more they take.”   Who are they?

What are they doing with my money after they take it?  Isn’t that what we all piss and moan about?  What is this going to cost me?   A health care system that provides quality services for citizens is an acceptable and essential place for our money to go.  Health care and the health of this planet is more important than killing people in other countries.

The dumptruck driver could get back in his truck after his ankle was fixed and be a productive tax-paying citizen again.  How is that bad for you?


Save CPB

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
In a budget proposal made public recently, House Republicans announced plans to zero out all funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the nonprofit responsible for funding public media including NPR, PBS, Pacifica and more. In Fall 2008, NPR programming reached a record 27.5 million people weekly, according to Arbitron ratings figures. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) adds 21,000 jobs which in turn generates 1 billion to the American economy.  It supports stations that do not further any one religious philosophy and the stations must remain noncommercial.
Most Republicans and the politicians they vote for don’t even watch NPR and PBS yet claim the programs have a socialist bias.  What is actually happening is member stations are required to be noncommercial or educational and cannot be designed solely to further a religious philosophy or be used for classroom programming. (“Nova”  is socialist?)  This can only mean that they relate socialism to anything that does not promote Christianity and commercialism.  If you are a centrist who leans to the right and you listen to NPR — you will like Wait…Wait Don’t Tell Me, Car Talk, Marketplace, and Prairie Home Companion.  If you go to you can see all the wonderful programs to choose from that are much too numerous to list here. If you are a centrist who leans to the left you will like many of those same programs (and probably already watch them).  If you are far right or far left than you really have no interest in truth so this doesn’t apply to you.  Just carry on with your Fox and MSNBC and their frequent commercials.
The entire public interest media sector and all the jobs it creates are threatened by these Republican house members.  Write your Senator and your Congressman and let them know if they zero out funding for CPB they must also zero out oil subsidies and bail outs of car manufacturing.  Zero out public libraries and the USPS.  Zero out — so all of our news and information comes from commercial or Religious funding. Can you imagine corporate censorship and commercials interrupting Sesame Street? You think the government is about censorship? Wait until Monsanto has a say in childrens’ programming, or JP Morgan controls PBS programing.

are we exaggerating global warming?

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Polar bears exaggerating claims of global warming

Ok, so are we exaggerating global warming?

No one would have followed Martin Luther King if he had said “I have a nightmare”, as mentioned by energy secretary Ed Miliband.

We need to unite in being good to this earth.  It has been so good to all of us.  I am  hopeful that the decision makers representing the world in Copenhagen are uniting in the dream — and not denying the nightmare.

We all know the nightmare –> So many pictures of people riding bikes in China through polluted air with face masks.  Stories of asthmatic children in the Bronx breathing diesel fumes.  Photos of decapitated mountains in West Virginia and the subsequent coal muck escaping in to small towns.  Growth was so big and so fast that sewage spilled in to drinking water in Florida.  Many fists pound many tables when you suggest that economic gains can be achieved through sustainable living that preserves this rare jewel we call Earth.

Polluters love muddling the facts, and making fun of the nightmarish scenarios.  Some scientists  actually feed the machine that is profiting currently.  The collaborative machine of industry, shipping, air flights, hospitals, manufacturers, and on and on are horrified by the idea of changing energy production and usage. We have evolved to need cheap stuff, more than we need liberty, freedom, water, food, shelter and coffee.






So lets describe the dream Andrew Gilligan wrote an article for the… Copenhagen is a city filled entirely with bicycles, stuffed with retrofitted, energy-efficient old buildings, and seems to embody the civilized pleasures of low-carbon living without any of the puritanism”.

Costa Rica produces 99% of its energy from renewable sources, reversed deforestation and is aiming to become a carbon-neutral country by 2021 by combining its ministries of energy and environment, and abolishing its army. Abolishing armies will probably never happen world wide, there will always be bad guys to fight.  We can dream though.  Other small island nations such as the Dominican Republic and Jamaica are also fairing well in levels of health and a very low footprint.

A Gristy guide to the COP15 climate talks
We need to stop being so full of ourselves because we are hanging our clothes on the line and carrying our water in a glass jar.  We need to help young smart people get in to colleges that promote environmental engineering and require environmental awareness in their curriculum.  Industry and manufacturing can make products sustainably.  It can be done and is being done. Lets study how they’re doing it.  Lets study the countries that are successfully achieving sustainability.

There is a little island country — the Maldives?  They have successfully figured out how to keep their sea turtles and their tourists happy.

There are many nightmares to learn from.  Bhopal is a nightmare to remember.  Do you remember?  A cloud of poison gas leaked from Union Carbide’s pesticide plant in the middle of the night and drifted over the Bhopal slums killing thousands.

Union Carbide convinced India that the big new plant they were going to build in Bhopal was going to make their lives better, improve the economy and they’d be happier.  We need to be careful when companies and the politicians they pay for claim to care about our happiness and well being.


What page are they on?

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

It has been about a month since I originally posted Hospitals are not factories.  I wanted to add a post I read from The Weekly Updates.

…we have all of the NEGATIVE effects of “socialized” health care without actually having equal health care for all. Arguments against socialized health care, include the people not wanting the few to pay for the masses. But that is exactly what’s happening here.

I work 2 jobs, pay my taxes, barely make enough to keep a roof over my head and food on the plates of my family, do not get such luxuries. An ER visit typically runs me $2,000+, which I must pay or else what’s left of credit will disappear. I cannot afford health care, and with the economy today, my employers do not offer me any benefits as they won’t let me work full-time. This HAS to change.

This is an example of a hardworking American taxpayer who is having to go without, due to the current healthcare system.  Not to repeat myself, but, it isn’t a system.  It is a big pile of crap and when you stir up crap you realize how much it stinks.

Now — Let me share with you this exchange I had recently with a young man I know.  He is usually witty and makes funky videos so I sent him Barack Obama’s video challenge.  His response and that of his friend throws off the hope for change.  These boys are in college, so, don’t think they are uneducated knobs.

Also, Whenever you try to talk reasonably about healthcare reform it is easy to find the opposition–>they are the ones  pounding their fists on the table or resorting to foulness.

A panel of celebrity judges will review your videos and choose their favorites. Then the public will vote, and we’ll run the winning ad on national television. Millions of people will see the final videos and your message could help push reform over the top.

Yes please expand the government so I can lose even more freedom.
September 27 at 3:17am
hmm. while those celebrity judges are busy smelling their own asses and picking their favorite sob story maybe i should make an advertisement full of the real people who want universal health care… not the ones hand picked by the people selling this bullshit to us.

If you are attending a university or college then you are involved in government funded education. What freedom is healthcare reform going to take from you?
September 28 at 12:16pm
Great idea, let’s make a video of a bunch of people who are really lazy and don’t want to have to work hard for their healthcare.  My parents and I were taxed to support this school, if taxes would have been lowered I’m sure I could have afforded to go to a better university.
September 29 at 3:18pm
not everyone who gets sick is lazy.
September 29 at 3:58pm
Im simply saying that personally I’ve noticed that people in favor of universal health care are largely behind it for personal gain when they could be acting in the best interest of our country. I don’t think that all sick people are lazy. But i do believe that many illnesses (not all) are a result of the behavior one engages in. smoking causes lung cancer. Failure to wear a seat belt can cause an injury. Drinking to excess and walking down stairs may lead to broken bones. These are reasons why some people need insurance in the first place and I don’t think that our society as a whole should be forced to pay for the mistakes of a few. It doesn’t seem progressive to me. More like a ball and chain.
September 29 at 9:18pm
I know a good man, self employed, no insurance, who drinks plenty of water and lives a good life providing for his family he had a massive stroke. I know a boy, who worked hard. who lived a good life and got knocked off his motorcycle on a freeway on the way home from work –>brain injury. I know a waitress, single, works three jobs, got a kidney stone requiring surgery –>debilitated her finances. All of us can have anything happen at anytime. It is the brothers keeper thing — not personal gain
September 29 at 9:33pm
Everyone get’s sick, but I don’t care if they die or not, (What?!) have you ever tried anal sex? (What?! again) Because people who smoke, eat fast foods, have buttsecks, and live otherwise dangerous lifestyles are going to benefit from this plan more than me. All I know is that socialized medicine bankrupts every country or state that enacts it.  (our country is so financially stable with our current healthcare eh?)
September 29 at 11:14pm

Ok I’ll go away now
September 30 at 7:57am
It’s good to discuss these things when we’re all on the same page.
September 30 at 7:54pm
Just an example of the oppositions mind.  I wasn’t sure how to contest any further. By the way, How do you get in to college without knowing how to spell buttsex?  And, what page are they on?

the health business

Here is a good page to go to

Loserosity and a good education

Monday, September 7th, 2009
momma saidPresident Obama’s speech to the kids of America drew unwarranted ridicule and distress.   People didn’t like him because he has no facial hair?  Too tall?   Well anyway, These were some of my favorite parts…

…at the end of the day, the circumstances of your life – what you look like, where you come from, how much money you have, what you’ve got going on at home – that’s no excuse for neglecting your homework or having a bad attitude. That’s no excuse for talking back to your teacher, or cutting class, or dropping out of school. That’s no excuse for not trying.
Where you are right now doesn’t have to determine where you’ll end up. No one’s written your destiny for you. Here in America, you write your own destiny. You make your own future.

Some of the most successful people in the world are the ones who’ve had the most failures. JK Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was rejected twelve times before it was finally published. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team, and he lost hundreds of games and missed thousands of shots during his career. But he once said, “I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

…you can’t let your failures define you – you have to let them teach you. You have to let them show you what to do differently next time.

An example of some of the comments I read and the responses that made my laugh…

But I’m sorry he is still the “other” guy. I would oppose anything he says.  (what makes him an “other”?  his blackness or his intelligence?)

Yet they lost. (right-wingers) And, inexplicably, continue to wallow in their loserosity

“Loserosity” what a great word.

I don’t want a crack head talking my kids.  (I think he meant “to” my kids)

Then don’t.

Geo.Bush isn’t giving the talk,  Ha

Well then put the pipe down and get into rehab ASAP.  Double Ha

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